1. How To Post Bail When Arrested For A Misdemeanor

    In the state of Virginia, there are many criminal charges that can result in a misdemeanor. While no one wants to face any arrest, a misdemeanor charge is a far more favorable outcome than a felony charge. However, misdemeanors can still mean time behind bars while you are awaiting trial. The realit…Read More

  2. 3 Tips From Your Salem Bondsman For While You Are Behind Bars

    No one plans on getting arrested, but it is important to realize that there are many things in this life that occur that we do not plan on. This is why being prepared is so incredibly important. Whether you think you could end up behind bars or you think it is something you will never have to experi…Read More

  3. What is Life Like in a Virginia Prison?

    We have seen it portrayed in movies and television shows, read about it in books and have heard the stories of those who have experienced it, but what do those of us who have never been to prison really know about it? When you are arrested and put into a county jail, there is, of course, the chance …Read More

  4. How To Proceed When You’ve Been Arrested For Public Intoxication

    Did you know that alcohol and drugs are involved in nearly 80 percent of all crimes people are arrested for? This is precisely why public intoxication laws exist. While the correlation may not seem entirely relevant, it is often given a bit more attention than is necessarily warranted. It is because…Read More