1. What Is The Difference Between A Bail Bondsman And A Bounty Hunter

    When it comes to posting bail, there are a lot of technical terms that can leave you confused. Not only that, but in some cases, terms are also used interchangeably that don’t actually mean the same thing. For example, many people mistakenly confuse bounty hunters and bail bondsmen as one and the …Read More

  2. Summer Arrests In Lynchburg And What To Do

    With the weather warming up here in Virginia, we can feel the long days of summer just around the corner. Summertime is a wonderful season. With plenty of beautiful things to do across our lovely state, the summer months allow us to enjoy more time outdoors and with those we love. However, summer is…Read More

  3. Tips For Making The Most Of Your Recent Arrest

    Being arrested and facing criminal charges is by no mean a happy affair. Whether it was a bad day and you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or it was because a portion of your life slowly spiraled out of control until you found yourself facing the law, there is hope for anyone afte…Read More

  4. Common Holiday Arrests and Posting Bail On Holidays

    The holiday season might bring to mind images of opening gifts or celebrating over a big meal with friends. However, the holiday season also brings with it an increase in many arrests. As your local bail bond company in Lynchburg, we are here to help you during the holiday season if you or a loved o…Read More

  5. 5 Rights You May Not Have Known You Have as a Defendant in Court

    Whether it seems that way or not, the rule of law exists to protect all of us, including those who are accused of committing a crime. Because of these protections under the law, people are given the right to a fair trial, as well as the right to remain silent. These are the rights that most people a…Read More

  6. 8 Reasons Your Loved One May Not Be Eligible for Bail

    No one wants to receive a phone call that informs them that a loved one has been arrested and is in need of help. After all, we only wish the very best for those who we care about and learning that someone close to you has gotten themselves in trouble with the law can be quite jarring. While the maj…Read More

  7. What You Should Expect During the Arrest & Booking Process

    If you have never been arrested before, you might be a little curious what actually happens when a person is placed under arrest. As a professional bail bond company, we have seen basically every variation of this process and therefore, we thought we could shed some light on this process for you. Af…Read More

  8. What Can You Expect At A Lynchburg Bail Hearing

    What Can You Expect At A Lynchburg Bail Hearing?

    Prior to having to show up for your court date, it can be nice to know a little bit more about to expect. These are, of course, things like what the purpose of the hearing is, who will or can be present, what sorts of issues that are going to be addressed and what you are expected to do as the defen…Read More

  9. What Happens When You Miss Your Court Date

    What Happens When You Miss Your Court Date In Lynchburg?

    While you might think that forfeiting bail is the only consequences a person has to deal with when they forfeit bail, that is not entirely true. Under state and federal law, failing to appear in federal court after you are let out of jail on a bond is a crime on its own. This means that defendants w…Read More