You’ve been arrested and you’ve gone through the long, tedious process of being booked and processed into your local jail. What comes next? Here at Affordable Bail Bonding in Danville, we know that you are likely to have a lot of questions following an untimely arrest, especially if it is the first time you have been detained. Our Danville bondsmen are here to help make getting out of jail as quick and easy as possible, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about the bail bonds process. In today’s post, we’ll review what you can expect during your bail hearing and how we can help. Continue reading to learn more.

When and Where Is the Bail Hearing Held?

Your first appearance in court is referred to as an arraignment. If you have been arrested and held in jail, your arraignment will likely take place on the next day that the court is open. That means it could be a couple of days before your arraignment takes place if you were arrested on a weekend. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be taken to the courthouse for the arraignment, or it may be done via video conference. Knowing when and where your bail hearing will take place can take away some of the anxiety associated with it, as can knowing what to expect in the hearing itself.

What Happens During Arraignment?

You’ll Be Informed of the Allegations Against You

Several official things will happen during your bail hearing and it can be helpful to know what to expect. The judge or magistrate will review and read aloud the charges that you are facing. They do not do this to embarrass you, but rather to accomplish two important goals. The charges you are facing need to be formally established and you need to be able to understand the allegations brought against you. If there is any confusion about the charges you are facing, now is the time to get clarification.

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You’ll Be Advised that You Have the Right to Representation

The magistrate will also advise you that you have the right to obtain legal representation to help you navigate the legal landscape of your future court dates. This is not just them being nice. They are legally obligated to inform you of your rights, and you do have a right to legal representation. Whether you choose to hire your own lawyer or you work with one that has been appointed to you on your behalf, competent legal representation can make or break your case.

You’ll Be Asked About Your Plans for Representation

After advising you of your right for legal representation, the court will inquire how you plan to handle this right. Will you hire an attorney of your own? Will you request that the Court appoint a Public Defender for you? Or do you prefer to proceed without an attorney? Whatever you decide, remember that working with an experienced attorney can make the difference between more time spent in jail and returning to your everyday routine.

You’ll Be Informed of Your Next Court Date

Lastly, the judge will inform you of your next court date. Depending on the charges you are facing, you may have one or two future court dates, or you may have many. Regardless of how many you have in the future, it is very important to make sure you attend all of them. In Virginia, failing to appear for your court date can result in a $2,500 fine and anywhere from one to five years in jail.

Need an Experienced Bondsman in Danville?

When you have been arrested, you don’t want to trust just any Danville bondsman to restore your freedom. You want to work with one who has years of experience, 24/7 availability, and affordable bail bonds services that you can count on in your time of need. Affordable Bail Bonding checks all the right boxes and you can trust that our team will always treat you with the professionalism and dignity that you deserve. We gladly offer payment plans on bail premiums and we take most major credit cards for your convenience. In most cases, we don’t even require a cosigner. If you’ve been arrested, contact us right away to get out of jail as quickly as possible.