Facing your court date can be an overwhelming experience. You know that this is the day on which a lot of important decisions will be made about your future. And, in many ways, you feel like everything about the day is outside of your control.

Here at Affordable Bail Bonding, we understand how stressful arrests and subsequent trials can be for those involved. That is why we provide affordable bail bonds in Rustburg to ensure that you can return home and prepare for court.

If you have been arrested, then the following list is for you. Check out the top six things you should never do on your court date.

#1: Not Show Up

For some of us, the idea of a stressful situation can create a desire to flee. If you are someone who would rather run from a problem then face it head on, you aren’t alone. However, unlike turning tail and running from a snake in your path, running from your court date won’t actually solve the problem. In fact, not showing up to court will make your situation infinitely worse.

A couple of things will happen if you don’t show up to court. For starters, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You can face whole new charges for not showing up to court. Your original charges will also become worse, due to your failure to show up. In addition, if you posted bail through the assistance of a bail bondsman, you will be in breach of your contract with the bail bonds company. This can lead to further issues and the loss of money.

The bottom line: don’t skip your court date, ever.

#2: Show Up Unprepared

While showing up is a must, don’t assume that you can simply waltz into the courtroom and defend yourself properly. The justice system isn’t easy to navigate. Knowing how to prepare a proper defense is not something that most of us are equipped to do.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you prepare for your court date. Meet with a defense attorney the first chance that you get. Work with them to put together an aggressive case for your defense. Follow their advice while you are waiting for trial. They will often coach you on things you can do to improve your defense. For example, they might ask you to enroll in an anger management course if you were charged with assault.

Prepare before you show up for court.

#3: Dress Inappropriately

When the actual day you need to go to court arrives, make sure you have picked out an appropriate outfit. The last thing you want to do is show up to court in an old pair of sweats and a hoodie. This can give off the impression to the judge that you are not taking the situation seriously.

As much as you might not like the fact that you will be judged by your appearance, the reality is that you most likely will. Try to wear the most professional attire you own. By dressing nicely and showing up well groomed, you will give off the vibe that you are indeed taking the situation seriously.

#4: Act Belligerent

No matter how angry you are about the situation you are in, never show up to court and act belligerently. Your attitude will often greatly affect how the judge views your case.

Leave the snark and sass at home. Act respectfully at all times.

#5: Argue With The Judge

Similar to the point above, don’t ever argue with a judge. If you aren’t happy with what they have said, the last thing you should do is start yelling at them or trying to fight their ruling. This can make your situation far worse than it already is. Talk to your attorney about your options instead.

#6: Give In To Despair

No matter how dire the situation seems, don’t give into despair. Go to your court date with a positive attitude, and try to make the most of the situation. It might not be ideal, but there is always hope for a bright future.

One of the best ways that you can properly prepare for court is to post bail right after your arrest. By returning home, you have the best chance of putting together a proper defense for your case. Contact our team for affordable bail bonds in Rustburg. We work around the clock to help our community post bail quickly for a price they can afford.