Do you have a loved one that’s being held in an Appomattox jail? Bonds can be a pricey and unexpected expense. If you find yourself facing an expensive bond, turn to Affordable Bail Bonding. Our professional bondsmen will come straight to the jail where you or a loved one are being held to offer bail. It doesn’t matter what brought you to jail. When you give Affordable Bail Bonding a call, you’ll receive a no judgment service with affordable bail bonds. If you call other competing bail bond companies, you’ll be charged for a walking fee. But we won’t. With only a tenth bond paid, you can get out of jail the same day.

No matter if bail is full or partial, most charges can put a huge dent into your finances. If it’s too expensive, we provide financing that lets you make installments on the initial down payment or pay the whole bond. No matter your financial situation, Affordable Bail Bonding will make it work. The size of your bond or your financial history could change your rates, but we’ll work to make the best rates possible. Count on our professionals to be reliable, friendly and discreet.

To leave jail immediately, you’ll only need to provide 10 percent of your bail. If you have a bond that’s $5,000 in total, all you’ll need is $500. If the money isn’t available, we’ll create a payment plan. This lets you leave jail and create a payment plan from there. All we need is your guarantee that you’ll attend your trail and remain accountable for the rest of your bail money.


At Affordable Bail Bonding, we’re ready to get you out of jail. Whether it’s for you, a loved one or a friend, we’ll quickly and discreetly offer you affordable bail bonds. Complete the form above to send a bail request today.

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